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Lighthouse 24 – The Art Issue

Lighthouse 24 is the art issue – edited by Natty Peterkin and featuring three art features alongside the usual mix of great new prose and poetry.

Published Summer 2022


The brilliant and unique debut by JM Burgoyne. 

‘Not so much a novel as an incantation, an extended poem. At times it seems Joycean.’ Christopher Bigsby

Published in line with our Planet Positive Promise

Lighthouse 23 – The New Writing Edition

Lighthouse 23 is jam-packed with new prose and poetry published just in time for Christmas 2021. Published Winter 2021 Available PDF Download only

Deception Island

Welcome to Deception Island, a tiny Volcanic caldera in the Antarctic Ocean. Here the rusting remains of industrial whaling and a seabed littered with whalebones testify to mankind’s greed and brutality. But the island is also an outpost of scientific exploration, witness to human attentiveness and fortitude.

Published in line with our Planet Positive Promise

Please note, book is square, 21cm …

Lighthouse Subscription

A subscription to the next 4 editions of Lighthouse Journal.

All new subscribers will also receive a free copy of a back-issue edition of Lighthouse.


30 stories of lockdown, from people with experience of prison, homelessness, addiction, and families of those in the armed forces.

Published in line with our Planet Positive Promise

New Fictions Bundle (Madeleine, The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger, Source)

Bundle includes:
Madeleine by Stella Bech
The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger by Alex Carulli
Source by Rosemary Johnston

Live Like Your Head’s On Fire

When fifteen year-old Pen Flowers climbs out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night to dance in the empty streets, she ignites a flame in herself that will change everything.


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