Our Fantastic Four for 2023

Discover the new books that you will fall in love with this year
Bradington Bay

Bradington Bay

Alaric Mark Lewis

Take a road trip with Edward Bradington as he travels across the USA to visit the house he grew up in and find the man he might once have been

Love Like Your Heart's On Fire

Love Like Your Heart's On Fire

Sally-Anne Lomas

The bold and brilliant second part in the On Fire trilogy, sees Pen Flowers angry - and she wants to change the world through dance

Lines and Shadows

Lines and Shadows

Sarah Bower

A swirling mystery in which mathematical proof is always just out of reach. Blows the spy thriller genre to pieces and creates a feminist masterpiece from the rubble.

A Dress for Kathleen

A Dress for Kathleen

Heather Richardson

Originally stitched into the fabric of a dress, A Dress For Kathleen is an astonishing fragmentary celebration of a girl whose life was cut tragically short aged just 14.

Readers and Writers Love Story Machine

Yvette Edwards

Yvvette Edwards

MAN Booker Shortlisted Author

A gripping story, full of honesty, energy, heartache and joy. I love this book.’



Audience Member for Deception Island

‘Experience is an overused word. However, THIS IS THE WAY to experience a story’

Amanthi Harris

Amanthi Harris

Author of Lantern Evening and Beautiful Place

‘Sam is an encouraging and enthusiastic editor who enabled me to see my work more objectively and to take bigger bolder steps in honing the story.’

Jenny Knight

Jenny Knight


'If you’re thinking of, or struggling with, ACE funding – I can’t recommend Story Machine highly enough. A total joy to work with!’

Sandra Jensen

Sandra Jensen

Author and winner of Bridport Novel Prize

‘I credit Story Machine's three-page email outlining my application’s strengths – and specific suggestions on how to address the weaknesses – as the single most important reason I was awarded funding.

Preti Taneja

Preti Taneja

Author of Kumkum Malhotra and We That Were Young

‘Sam is an excellent editor. I feel lucky to have worked with him so early in my career.’


Lighthouse 26 – The Grief and Humour Issue

Summer 2023

If grief is a thing with feathers, it is sometimes a source of torture and terror, and other times a comic chicken dancing down the street. It all depends whose pen is doing the writing.

Available PDF Download only

Working Well – University Hospitals Leicester

A special edition of Working Well, delivered for staff of University Hospitals Leicester. Simply enter your code at checkout to book your place.

Lines and Shadows

Published 6th August 2023.

Preorder to receive an advance copy a month before publication.

Love Like Your Heart’s On Fire

Published 4th July 2023. Preorder to receive an advance copy a month before publication.


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In the Face of…

Grief is a thing with feathers. But whether it is a source of torture and terror or a comic chicken dancing across the road depends on whose pen is doing the talking.

Writing Well

Online writing and movement courses to improve your health and wellbeing ‘Creatively rewarding and hugely beneficial for my own stress management. There is huge healing potential in writing.’ Dr Ruw Abeyratne, Director of Health Equality Read more…

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