About Story Machine

Story Machine brings books and artistic ambitions to life. We create immersive live experiences that grow from between the lines of books. We publish new fiction, poetry and non-fiction. And we work with artists to develop their practice. We are a producer, a publisher, and a talent developer.  

Story Machine Books

Story Machine Books publishes new fiction (adults and YA, all genres), poetry, and non-fiction.

Imagine a publisher that loves your book like you do. That believes in it and trusts you as it’s author. That offers dedicated editorial support to help ready it for publication. That works with you to design a high-impact bespoke publicity strategy, then helps you secure funding to make it happen.

Imagine better. Imagine Story Machine Books.

Story Machine Productions

Story Machine Productions creates immersive experiences that bring books to life.

Imagine attending a book event that felt like a headfirst dive into a story. Where dancers, actors, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and writers collaborate to share an experience every bit as immersive as reading the book itself.

Imagine a venue vibrating with the sounds, textures, tastes, and faces of a story, where words words words create experience, and empathy is the currency that matters. Imagine stepping into that world, then rushing off to buy the buy book, so that you keep it alive in your head, and heart, and body.

Imagine a world where writers have more time to write. Where authors aren’t chained to promoting their books, and those writers who can’t do events still achieve high sales. Imagine a bespoke show, curated with love, growing from the ink and paper of each unique book. Imagine a promotional tool that can tour as widely and reach as many readers as there are festivals.

Step into the book with Story Machine.

Story Machine Support for Artists

Support for you and your art to thrive.

Whether you need someone to guide you through the complexities of funding, an editor to look at your manuscript before you submit it to agents and publishers, or a coach to help you find the work-life balance you need, you’ve come to the right place.

Let Story Machine help you – and your practice – thrive.

We are relaxed and friendly to work with. I will be supportive of you, your work, and the potential for it. I will help you get what you want for your writing.

Who are We?

Sam Ruddock – Director

I am passionate about books, stories, and the way they can foster conversation and connection. I founded Story Machine to be creative and explore how literature can be a live artform, and how readers can engage communally with stories.

As well as my work on Story Machine, I am an editor, fundraiser, and Programme Producer at National Centre for Writing developing shows for INN CROWD.