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Story Machine Books is a new imprint publishing engaging, innovative, and important fiction and non-fiction.

Unique to Story Machine Books is our approach to publicity. We don’t just offer expert editorial and create beautiful books, we promote them with innovative shows and experiences.

Story Machine is merging with Gatehouse Press to create a bigger, better stepping-stone publisher for writers.

Story Machine Books Submission Guidelines

We welcome enquiries from writers of narrative fiction and non-fiction. If you would like to see whether we are interested in your manuscript, contact us or email

Please do not send blind submissions. We are very busy and will not be able to read it if we haven’t already agreed to read it.

Agents are welcome to submit to us.

Live Like Your Head’s On Fire
by Sally-Anne Lomas

Buy Live Like Your Head's On Fire today

We’re thrilled that our first book is Live Like Your Head’s On Fire by Sally-Anne Lomas.

When fifteen year-old Pen Flowers climbs out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night to dance in the empty streets, she ignites a flame in herself that will change everything.

‘A gripping story, full of honesty, energy, heartache and joy. I love this book. Sally-Anne Lomas is a new and powerful writer.’

Yvvette Edwards