Our Planet Positive Promise

Story Machine is committed to doing good. We strive to have a net positive social, environmental, and artistic impact. That is our people and planet positive promise.

Planet positive working means the environment and people’s lives are better off for everything we do. Every book we print and every show we make and tour.

Story Machine offsets our entire carbon footprint plus 10% through a ClimateCare programme. We use ethical banking, and are converting to use only 100% renewable energies. We are seeking out the most planet-positive means of shipping books to our readers.

Planet positive publishing

Our work has our planet positive promise built into every thing we do. Thins is the Story Machine logo in eco-green.

The printing industry is a significant polluter, requiring the use of huge amounts of water, toxic chemicals, and energy. Even FSC certified mix paper sources drive deforestation. That’s why we are proud to work with Seacourt, a global leader in planet positive printing. Each Story Machine book is printed using a LightTouch production process that is waterless and chemical-free, uses only 100% renewable energies, FSC certified recycled paper, and directs absolutely no waste to landfill. That’s why they were crowned Europe’s most sustainable SME in 2017, and has been recognised as one of the top three environmental printers in the world.

We even print our books using the most low-ink fonts that are suitable to design. And our website is built using the eco-green colour.

Doing Good costs us a little more. We think this is a small price to pay so that our customers can rest assured that your enjoyment doesn’t cost the earth.

Stories change the world. Together, we can make sure that they do.