Amarantha Live

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Welcome to Amarantha, where the queen is dead and Lyria’s voice has disappeared.

Story Machine and E. R. Traina present a unique reading and music event bringing E. R. Traina’s debut novel to life.

About Amarantha Live

Amarantha Live in Italy

Amarantha comes to life through live reading and performance. Performed live by a 5-piece band and read by the author, the show transports audiences to Amarantha, and into the life of our heroine Lyria. Addressing themes of belonging, i/emigration, and anxiety, this is a wonderful experience for young people and adult audiences alike.

Around these performances, E. R. Traina delivered creativity, writing, and music workshops, inviting young people to create their own songs to home.

The Way Back Home by E. R. Traina

Discover the Novel

The queen of Amarantha has been murdered, and the kingdom thrown into turmoil. Torn from her comfortable world of books, music, and family, Princess Lyria finds her voice has vanished, and must travel the land in search of a cure. From mystical forests to lost islands, Lyria finds her assumptions are confronted by political unrest and myths coming to life. As she unravels the truth about Amarantha’s past, Lyria realises that there is much more to herself — and the world — than she ever imagined. But can she save her country and herself?

Amarantha is published by Kurumuru Books, and accompanied by an original soundtrack composed and performed by the author herself.

Chara Chairei by E. R. Traina

The Tour

We will announce tour dates and locations shortly.

Amarantha Live is presented thanks to funding from Arts Council England through National Lottery Project Grants, Kurumuru Books, and Norfolk County Council.
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