Ice Diaries with Jean McNeil

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Ice Diaries jacket

What do we stand to lose in a world without ice? Jean McNeil presents her Ice Diaries in an immersive event for four people at a time.

Jean McNeil invites you to warm up with a cuppa in this Antarctic refuge to hear about her months in the Antarctic. Jean will take you inside Ice Diaries, her account of being writer-in-residence with the British Antarctic Survey. It is a haunting story of the cultural history of ice and the relationship between beauty and terror, loss and abandonment, transformation and triumph.

Ice Diaries is stunningly written and should be on the shelf of anyone fascinated by the globe’s final geographic and psychic frontier.”

New York Times

About Jean McNeil

Jean McNeil in the Antarctic
Copyright – Layla Curtis

Jean McNeil is the author of 14 books of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays and travel. Embedded with the British Antarctic Survey in 2005-6, she spent four months in Antarctica, and wrote three books inspired by the polar regions. McNeil is Professor of Creative Writing and directs the programme at the University of East Anglia.

See Ice Diaries

Norwich Science Festival

26th October: 12.40pm, 1.40pm, 5.40pm, and 6.40pm
27th October: 2.40pm, 3.40pm, and 4.40pm
Deception Island Hut, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF
£5 – booking required
Run-time; 15 minutes

Ice Diaries is part of Deception Island, an immersive Antarctic installation taking place at Norwich Science Festival from 23rd to 30th October 2021. It is supported by British Antarctic Survey, UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, and Arts Council England.

Copyright – British Antarctic Survey


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