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Lighthouse is a literary journal dedicated to publishing new writing and championing new writers. We publish the best short fiction, poetry, and art emerging from the UK scene.

In addition to the journal we also publish one-off poetry pamphlets.

But the development of the year in short fiction – yes, more exciting, perversely perhaps, for this observer, than either Alice Munro winning the Nobel or Lydia Davis nabbing the Man Booker International – was the emergence of Lighthouse, a little magazine from Norwich publishing short stories, poems and essays of exceptional quality, including one (Anna Metcalfe’s ‘Number Three’) that was later shortlisted in the Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award worth £30,000. Lighthouse, with its excellent editorial judgement and attractive modishly old-fashioned design, is a publication to cherish.

Nicholas Royle, editor, Best British Short Stories

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The Lighthouse Ethos

Lighthouse is aimed at new writing primarily (but not exclusively) emerging from the UK writing scene. We are particularly interested in seeing the experimental as well as the traditional. We run on a voluntary basis and not-for-profit. All money made is reinvested in future publications.

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Lighthouse Journal is available in print and electronic format. New issues are printed as a limited run of 150 copies. When these sell out, Lighthouse is available to download as a PDF.

Get your copy today from the links below.

Lighthouse 27: The Word and Image Issue – Spring 2024

Lighthouse 26: The Grief and Humour Edition – Summer 2023

Lighthouse 25: The Contemporary Working Class Writing Issue – Winter 2022/23

Lighthouse 24: The Art Issue – Summer 2022

Lighthouse 23: The New Writing Issue – Winter 2021/22

Lighthouse 22: The Poetry Issue – Spring 2021

Lighthouse 21: The Body Issue – Summer 2020

Lighthouse 20: The Flash-Fiction Issue – Autumn 2019

Lighthouse 19: The Language Issue – Summer 2019

Lighthouse 18: The Power Issue – Winter 2019

Lighthouse 17: The Science Issue – Spring 2018

Lighthouse 16: Implosion – Winter 2018

Lighthouse 15: The Queer Issue – Spring 2017

Lighthouse 14: The History Issue – Winter 2017

Lighthouse 13: The FUN Issue – Autumn 2016

Lighthouse 12: The Proetry Issue – Spring 2016

Lighthouse 11: The Eco-Poetics Issue – Winter 2016

Lighthouse 10: The Homelands Issue – Autumn 2015

Lighthouse 9: The Oulipo and B-yond Issue -Summer 2015

Lighthouse 8: The Collaboration Issue – Spring 2015

Lighthouse 7: The Life Issue – Winter 2015

Lighthouse 6: The Community Issue – Autumn 2014

Lighthouse 5: The Translation Issue – Summer 2014

Lighthouse 4: The Music and Poetry Issue – Winter 2013/14

Lighthouse 3: The Collaboration Issue – Autumn 2013

Lighthouse 2 – Summer 2013. This will be available as soon as we locate it!

Lighthouse 1 – Spring 2013

Lighthouse People

Steering Editor

Julia Webb, credit Martin Figura

Julia Webb has an a first class honours degree in creative writing from Norwich University College of the Arts and MA (poetry) from the University of East Anglia. She works as a poetry mentor, a poetry tutor and is secretary for Gatehouse Press and Chair of Cafe Writers. In 2011 she won The Poetry Society’s Stanza competition and in 2018 she won The Battered Moons Poetry Competition. Her first collection Bird Sisters was published by Nine Arches Press in 2016. Her second collection Threat was published by Nine Arches Press in 2019.

Poetry Editors

Julia Webb 

See above.

Jo Surzyn first discovered she might be a poet during her BA at Norwich University College of the Arts. She went on to complete an MA in Poetry at UEA, and has work published in places such as The Rialto, Butcher’s Dog and The Bohemyth. She currently spends her time between the UK and Germany, where she’s moonlighting as a trainee Web Developer.

Assistant Poetry Editor – Olivia Tuck

Prose Editor

Art Editor

Natty Peterkin has a BA Hons in Illustration and an MA in Communication Design from Norwich University of the Arts. His work includes fine art, design and illustration for book covers, album covers, posters, clothing, merchandise, art books and ‘zines. He also performs in bands Cassus and Tellus Effluentia


Lighthouse only accepts submissions during certain times. For more information about our submission windows and the guidelines for submission, please see the Lighthouse Submission Guidelines.


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