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Episode 18 – James Dean Mantor: The Masculinity Conversations

James McDermott talks to fitness advisor James Dean about gym culture, masculinity, and the value of talking for mental and physical health.
  1. Episode 18 – James Dean
  2. 17. David Whitney
  3. 16. Andy Wood
  4. 15. Katy Jon Went
  5. 14. Chris Gribble
  6. 13. Freya Gallagher-Jones
  7. 12. Alan Buys
  8. 11. James McDermott on MANATOMY
  9. 10 Charlie Caine
  10. 09 James Wong

About MANTOR: The Masculinity Conversations

A new podcast that asks: ‘what was your relationship with gender at 6? 16? 26? Now?’

James McDermott explores the many forms, messages, and experiences of masculinity in the 21st century. Through incisive, authentic, and compassionate conversations he digs into the challenges, pitfalls, privileges, and opportunities of being a mxn.

This is a podcast for anyone who has ever wanted to get under the skin of modern masculinity. 

Mantor is available on all major podcast platforms.

There isn’t one form of masculinity or being a man. There cannot be one mask that we put on. So we have to embrace the notion that masculinity can be many different things expressed by many different people.

Sam Ruddock, Director of Story Machine

Read more from Sam about the origins of this podcast here.

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Produced to support of James McDermott’s debut poetry collection, Manatomy. Purchase a signed copy here.

Manatomy is a collection of wry, witty and cheeky poems exploring how nature, nurture, pop culture, prejudice and politics shape the identity of camp gay man James McDermott. Structured in three parts – ‘Boy’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Man’ – Manatomy interrogates how the experiences of growing up gay in a homophobic world and in rural millennial England affect a gay man’s relationships with himself, his partners, the LGBTQ+ community and the wider world.

‘The language, wit, insights, power of expression… Simply magnificent. I am so impressed by this collection. You don’t have to have grown up gay to love and appreciate this poetry, but it will of course have a special charge, beauty and meaning for those of us who have’

Stephen Fry

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