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In 1958, geophysicist A. G. Lewis travelled to the Antarctic to investigate the landscapes and skies of that vast and icy continent.

Now Elizabeth Lewis Williams traces her father’s journeys, from the Peninsula to Mt Erebus. They are real, imagined, and artistic journeys, exploring communication across time and space, and experiments in scientific and poetic measure.

Erebus transports us to an Antarctic of paradox. A land where perpetual daylight balances months of austral darkness. A land of encounters with the unknown, and with mortality – but where camaraderie and faith are the only defence against catastrophe.

At its heart, Erebus is a visit to the frozen underworld, and an exploration of how we find a place for ourselves in this vast and often unforgiving world we call home.


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A medium-sized cloud weighs as much as 80 elephants,
or 6,268.75 blue whales.

Such clouds are manifestations of convection
forming where warm air rises above sand or rock;
they have enough energy in the centre to crush a plane.

Often forming above small islands in the sea,
they are beacons
allowing sailors to navigate without instruments
before any sight of land.

In Sanskrit creation myth,
elephants created at the beginning of time
were shapeshifters,
white winged creatures prophesying rain.


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About the author

Elizabeth Lewis Williams is a Norwich based writer and teacher.  Currently Writer in Residence at the British Antarctic Survey, and part of the team bringing ‘Deception Island’ to life as an immersive installation in a replica Antarctic hut, She is an advocate for the importance of writing and storytelling in education, and for the way in which an understanding of human engagement in Antarctica can deepen our understanding of our place on the planet. After many years spent teaching in schools, she completed an MA, followed by a PhD, in Creative Writing at the UEA where she is currently an Associate Tutor; she is also engaged in a variety of outreach projects.  Her first book, Deception Island was published in 2021.

Instagram: elizabethlewiswilliams
Twitter: @elewiswilliams


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