In The Face of Darkness



In the Face of Darkness – Christopher Bigsby

Asked to open an exhibition of photographs by the American photographer Lee Miller, Christopher Bigsby was struck by images which stared into a particular darkness, war and the cruelties it unleashed, this from a woman who had once been a fashion model and then a lover and student of the surrealist Man Ray. The war, though, changed everything, ultimately taking her across Europe and into the concentration camps. But can some truths never be captured either in images or words? The poems in this book are in part prompted by Lee Miller’s work, but also include the personal, the fanciful, and a response to the natural world.


About the Author

Christopher Bigsby is an award-winning novelist, biographer and literary critic who, with Malcolm Bradbury, has written plays for BBC radio and television. He also worked for many years as a presenter for BBC Radio 4 and for twenty-eight years ran the Arthur Miller Centre (now Institute) International Literary Festival, from which seven volumes have been published as the “Writers in Conversation” series. He is an emeritus professor at the University of East Anglia (UEA)




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Paperback ISBN: 9781912665334
Published by Gatehouse Press
Publication Date: 21/04/2024
Extent: 128pp
Format: Paperback Original
Jacket design: Natty Peterkin

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