Lighthouse 15 – The Queer Issue

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Spring 2017

The Queer Issue explores the way that writing and the arts can engage with LGBTQ+ issues, creating new spaces for queer identities and addressing historical inequalities.

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Prose and poetry by:

Jason Arias, Helen Boden, Sue Burge, Stewart Carswell, Patrick Cosgrove, Megan Crosbie, Sally Douglas, Susannah Douglas, Klara Feenstra, Colin Graham, John Michael Mouskos, Ariane Parry, Tom Payne, Louis Pigeon-Owen, Fianna (Fiona Russell Dodwell), L. J. Tickle, Wessie du Toit, Andrew Turner, John Vickers and Stuart J Watts

Features by:

Dave Coates & Harry Giles, Laura Kaye, Sophie Mayer, Sophie Robinson, Richard Scott

Artwork by:

Susannah Douglas


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