Lighthouse 25 – The Contemporary Working Class Writing issue


Winter 2022/23

This issue curates features by a range of writers who identify as coming from working class families.

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This issue curates features by a range of writers who identify as coming from working class families. There’s also an editorial, ‘Manifesto for Contemporary Working Class Writers’, by guest editor Andrew McDonnell.

Read prose and poems by Andrew Cowan, Lynne Bryan, John McCullogh, CS Tait and others. Plus work by writers picked by the regular editorial team, and art work chosen by Lighthouse design keeper, Natty Peterkin.



Editorial: Andrew McDonnell

Features: Lynne Bryan, Andrew Cowan, Andrea Holland, Scott Krywicniak, John McCullogh, C.S. Tait

Poetry/Prose/Art: Julian Aiken, Wendy Allen, George Ayres, Holly Bars, K. Blair, Alice Bridgwood, Jane Burn, Pratibha Castle, Stuart Charlesworth, Rachel Davies, Sarah Doyle, Pascal Fallas, Ian Farnes, Italo Ferrante, Guillermo Gutierrez, Marcia Hindson, Vijay Khurana, Ed Limb, Hannah Linden, James O’Hara-Knight, Antony Owen, Ilse Pedler, Catherine Redford, Christine Sherry, Sue Spiers, Kate Venables, Dave Wakely, Patrick Yarker

Lighthouse Cover Feature

Each issue we publish a poem or piece of flash fiction.

The Erasure Sonnet

You will not understand this, so I will address you
so you feel this moment as we do. Forty four
years of trying to find a way in, imagine that pet,
walking the perimeter of your life and failing

to find the way in. Say you lived in 24 houses,
all rented since you left home. Say you did that,
we do that. Imagine not speaking the way you
were born to speak, but mimicking the tongue

of those who only recognise their own. We do that
everyday Sonny Jim. You can’t last out here for long
when they hear your glottal stop, or gaslight you
with imposter syndrome. Failing is the only option.

Oh, but they always bang on about how unfair it all is.
Yes, it is. It’s systemic, so I wrote it as a sonnet.


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