The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger


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The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger by Alex Carulli

Born in New York City on the night of John Lennon’s assassination Ros is now a celebrated photographer who claims to have killed reclusive writer J. D. Salinger with the help of her alter ego Marta. In the psychiatric hospital where she resides Ros talks with her therapist about art and pop culture and the psychological and moral motives behind her actions. But rebellious and outspoken Marta has other ideas: she mistrusts the therapist and is determined to escape from the hospital during the building refurbishment.

Flowing as a torrent of stream-of-consciousness prose The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger explores the vital function of art and the responsibility that ensues when art is not simply what we do but who we are.


Part of the Story Machine New Fictions series.
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Praise for The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger

‘Within this breathless, claustrophobic, astonishingly clever story, Alex Carulli forces us to consider the actions of others exposed to our art. A barely interrupted flow of witty, unreliable interior narrative and argument left me groping for a handrail; rootless, disturbed and confused as the protagonist.’
Sarah Passingham, author of Push: My Father, Polio, and Me

‘Fearless storytelling. Dark digressive humour written with great skill and heaps of energy’

Ashley Hickson-Lovence, author of The 392

‘Narrated with ferocious energy and originality. Alex Carulli’s masterly use of language and skillful structuring create a challenging debate on the responsibility of art and an unexpectedly moving personal story.’

Sally-Anne Lomas, author of Live Like Your Head’s On Fire


Alex Carulli, author of The Day I Killed J. D. SalingerAbout Alex Carulli

Born in Southern Italy Alex Carulli is a full-time dad and writer. He is currently working on a collection of stories and a novel. He lives in London with his wife and children.

The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger is his first published book. / @AlexCarulli


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ISBN: 9781912665082
Length: 56pp
Format: Paperback Original with french flaps
First published: 1st July 2021
Also available: ebook ISBN: 9781912665099

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