New Fictions Bundle (Madeleine, The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger, Source)


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Madeleine by Stella Bech

Madeleine is everything Angela is not: charismatic, lovable, certain

It is 1996. At sixteen, Angela wants something to happen to her – anything – instead of being told her potential while living in her own private prison. She couch hops and chainsmokes, unable to find her place in a predatory city. When she meets Madeleine, she finds what she’s longed for – someone for her; who opens up not just the city, but her whole life. Until abruptly, a betrayal destroys it all, and Angela begins to realise things were not what they seemed.

Madeleine is a story of two people who find and lose each other, and the ways love, loss and memory shape a life.

The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger by Alex Carulli

Born in New York City on the night of John Lennon’s assassination Ros is now a celebrated photographer who claims to have killed reclusive writer J. D. Salinger with the help of her alter ego Marta. In the psychiatric hospital where she resides Ros talks with her therapist about art and pop culture and the psychological and moral motives behind her actions. But rebellious and outspoken Marta has other ideas: she mistrusts the therapist and is determined to escape from the hospital during the building refurbishment.

Flowing as a torrent of stream-of-consciousness prose The Day I Killed J. D. Salinger explores the vital function of art and the responsibility that ensues when art is not simply what we do but who we are.


Source by Rosemary JohnstonJacket for Source by Rosemary Johnston

Kate and her teenage daughter return to Ireland to sort through what is left of the family farm. But in doing so, Kate is brought to all the reasons she left many years ago. She can find no attachment to the objects of her past until she comes across her father’s dictionary.

Can words be the way for her to unlock the past? Can they help pave the way towards reconciliation? Can they help us understand ourselves?

Source is a book about beginnings and homeland and the words that accompany us on our journey.

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