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Space to Think

Coaching can help you to overcome obstacles, identify and clarify your goals, and develop the plans and structures to achieve them.

We create a productive, focused, and supported space for you to explore your own thinking. We support and challenge, but not advise or guide, trusting that you can find the best answers for you.

Practically, coaching takes the form of a structured conversation in which you are encouraged to think for yourself through attentive listening, skilled questioning and sometimes exercises.

Coaching is ideal for personal development, overcoming writers block, ‘stuckness’, or procrastination, increasing your confidence, and developing direction. It offers a level of personal accountability that can help you achieve your goals.

Our Coaching Services

Face to Face

We are based in Norwich, UK. If you would like coaching face to face, then come to this beautiful medieval city and we can meet in a place that suits you.


We offer coaching through any online talk platform, and can even offer text based coaching if preferred.

Walk and Talk

Can help break through challenges and freshening stale thinking. Walking through a green landscape together, side by side and facing forward, we engage the body and mind and find new perspectives.


You can buy coaching as a one-off, or as a series of regular sessions.

1 hour – £45
2 hours – £85
3 hours – £120
4 hours – £150

Buy a package of any 5 sessions and receive a 10% discount.


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