Lighthouse 8 – The Collaboration Issue

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Spring 2015

Issue 8 looks at collaboration with features by Steven Fowler & Ben Morris (The Estates of Westeros) and Madeleine Campbell’s essay on translating the Algerian Francophone poet Mohammed Dib. With prose from Lander Hawes and Tim Sykes, plus poems from Paul Stephenson and Judith Lal.

Plus, there’s a special online supplement, too.

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Prose and poetry by:

Sohini Basak, Rosie Breese, Catherine Ayres, Max Goodwin Brown, Thomas Clark, Claire Cox, Gram Joel Davies, Clive Eastwood, Lander Hawes, Rebecca Gethin, Judith Lal, Martin Malone, Samuel Prince, Paul Stephenson, Tim Sykes, Juha Virtanen, Annette Volfing, Stephanie Warner, Gareth Watkins, Chloe Yeoh

Features by:

Madeleine Campbell, Steven J. Fowler, Angus Sinclair

Artwork by:

Mel Cole

Lighthouse Cover Feature

Each issue we publish a poem or piece of flash fiction on the back jacket.

Judith Lal
Death of a wasp

As a wasp the best we can hope for
is inside a fig in Languedoc.


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