Lighthouse 10 – The Homelands Issue

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Autumn 2015

Lighthouse 10, now at 96 pages, comes packed with essays by writers on their homelands, including George Szirtes in conversation with András Gerevich on Hungary after 1989, poet and translator Cecilia Rossi on developing as a writer in Argentina, and Amit Chaudhury in conversation with Amitavar Kumar about saving sites of historical interest in India, plus fiction from Ruby Cowling and Thomas McMullan, and much more.

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Prose and poetry by:

Stephanie Arsoska, Clarissa Aykroyd, Dan Barrow, Ruby Cowling, Łukasz Drobnik, Sophie Essex, Ramona Herdman, Francesca Kritikos, John McGhee, Thomas McMullan, Martin Monahan, Rob Packer, Stuart Pickford, Fern Richards, Benjamin Rogers, Barrie Sherwood, Laura Tansley, Samantha Walton, Reuben Woolley

Features by:

András Gerevich & George Szirtes, Amitava Kumar & Amit Chaudhuri, Anders Larson, Paschalis Nikolaou, Cecilia Rossi, Preti Taneja

Artwork by:

Camilla Brueton


Lighthouse Cover Feature

Each issue we publish a poem or piece of flash fiction on the back jacket.

Clarissa Aykroyd
Seventeen Steps

This is the room. I am the client
who has waited for an hour.
The skull, the bullet holes, the files
are fading but the sound of footfalls
on the seventeen steps is clear.
This is the dream. I know
he can’t solve this, but I’m still here.


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