Lighthouse 14 – The History Issue

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Winter 2017

Themed around the idea of history, Issue 14 delves into the past for a sense of what, and where, we are when we engage with history in the arts.

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Prose and poetry by:

Chris Astwood, Kaddy Benyon, Shawn Bodden, David Callin, Polly Checkland Harding, James Coghill, Paul Cooper, Max Eevi, Julian Flanagan, Benjamin Hinshaw, Ailsa Holland, Matt Howard, Robin Jones, Roisin Kelly, L Kiew,  DS Maolalai, Roy Moller, Jessica Mookherjee, Jamie Osborn, alicja rosé, Tom Sastry, Lindsey Shields Waters, Irene Solà, Taymour Soomro, Eleanor Stewart-Pointing, Jonathan Totman, Howard Wright

Features by:

Sarah Bower, Meirion Jordan, Anders Larson

Artwork by:

Laura Moreton-Griffiths


Lighthouse Cover Feature

Each issue we publish a poem or piece of flash fiction on the back jacket.

Chris Astwood

Anglo-Creole Anglophile (n.), Anglophone Caribbean:
Anti (black + apartheid + capitalist + colonial),
Anticommunist, anti-dancehall : antiessentialist
Anti-establishment antifascism! Anti-intellectual anti-imperialism!
(anti)racist (anti)slavery
+  (anti)violence

Apartheid a priori (no italics) : art historical (practice)


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