World Mental Health Day 2020

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Stories can support our mental health. They can help us experience connection, discover new ways of thinking, understand ourselves and our world better. Through stories we can escape and we can dive head-first in. They can touch our hearts and engage our bodies.

Each of our shows responds to and explores aspects of mental and physical health. So this World Mental Health Day we have made them all available to watch online.

Whatever ails you, we’ve got a story to console, inspire, and offer companionship to you.

Struggling with trauma or abuse? Try The Quiet by Carys Davies

Battling addiction? Find fellowship with Whiskey & Ink by Leslie Jamison

Got physical health struggles? Sarah Passingham’s PUSH: My Father, Polio, and Me will inspire and comfort you.

Anxious about the world and environment around you? JM Coetzee’s Booker Prize winning novel Life & Times of Michael K will help you find your own way of living.

Difficult past? LOWBORN by Kerry Hudson is perfect for you.

Or wrestling with the pressures of living up to your identity? Then our new MANTOR: The Masculinity Conversations podcast hosted by James McDermott is just for you.

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