Lighthouse 13 – The Fun Issue

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Autumn 2016

Themed around the idea of FUN, Issue 13 goes off the rails a little in its search for the essence of the things we are willing to call ‘fun’.

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Prose and poetry by:

al anderson, Liz Bahs, Tom Carrington, Rebecca Close, Niall Firth, Lauren Foley, Shaunagh Jones, Alex Jose, Marta Kowalewska, Cameo Marlatt, Martin Monahan, Isaac Nowell, Alex Read, Basil du Toit, Alexander Townend

Features by:

Natacha Bryan, Nia Davies, Jeff Hilson, Laura Ellen Joyce, Kelly Kanayama, Thomas McMullan, Desiree Reynolds, Eliza Robertson, George Szirtes, Vishvantara

Artwork by:

Lisa Solovieva


Lighthouse Cover Feature

Each issue we publish a poem or piece of flash fiction on the back jacket.

George Szirtes

Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or
whether that station will be held by anyone else, these rages
will show. – Charles Dickens

He was the hero of his life.
She was the love of his life.
(Or possibly her life).

The rest was rages.
A matter of turning the rages.
Not to forget the writing of all those rages.


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