Lighthouse 3 – The Collaboration Issue


Autumn 2013

Issue 3 takes a critical look at collaboration. Plus features by Matthew Welton and Elizabeth Reeder, and illustrations by Lefty Le Mur

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Prose and poetry by:

J. D. A. Winslow, Beau Hopkins, Edwin Kelly, Flo Reynolds, Jo Surzyn, Omar Sabbagh, Sarojini Lewis, Leo Hunt, J. Adamthwaite, Kate Venables, Ned Denny, Rosie Sandler, Jennifer Edgecombe, Charlotte Gann, and Michael Sforza

Features by:

Elizabeth Reeder and Matthew Welton

Artwork by:

Lefty Le Mur


Lighthouse Cover Feature

Each issue we publish a poem or piece of flash fiction on the back jacket.

Alana Helen Balakian
Bringing on the Dictionary

I relish relish, a garish garnish
a mouth-ulcer salsa, the stinky lilt of stilton
canapes canopied in stashes of pistachios
I whine for wine, chant for Chantilly cream
I am besotted with risotto masqueraded as mascarpone
lick garlic capers caped in smashed mash, have a fetish for feta
tickled in pickle, eat Eton mess whilst grasping raspberries
sinned in cinnamon butterscotch, butter and scotch.

If you feel stifled by this trifle
I figure figs are an active laxative.


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